(above: Descheenie Nez Tracy at Eli’s bar mitzvah in 1989).

Neri has a strong tie to the Diné (Navajo People). Eli was born on a Navajo reservation in Ganado, where Nina and her husband Jamie were working as physicians at the local hospital.

Nina and Jamie became friends with Ruth Begay, a Navajo NP at the hospital where they were colleagues, and also befriended her parents, Descheenie Nez Tracy and his wife Rose. Descheeny was a well known medicine man and tribal elder.

We want to support the Diné in any small way we can, and so are donating 10% of our profits to the Adopt-a-Native-Elder program, a 5-star charity that “supports the traditional Elders who live in the cultural and spiritual traditions of The Diné (Navajo) People…The Program provides food, simple medicines, clothing, fabric and yarns to help these Elders live on the land in their traditional lifestyle.”